Mathias, Master 1 and apprentice at CERI (2016)

Why did you choose the sandwich course?

> I was only interested in the work-study programme from the L2 level onwards. It was the only way for me to carry out projects and do research at the CERI laboratory, before becoming a PhD student. You discover things that you don't see in class, you see a possible application of computer science. Read more

Jonas, Master 1 and apprentice at CERI (2016)

What was your previous training?

> I did a BTS iris (computer and network for industry and technical services) with which I couldn't do anything. So I came to CERI, in L2 because I didn't have the level for L3. Read more

Pierre, Licence 3 and on a work-study contract at Aroban (2016)

Why did you choose a work-study programme?

> There are several reasons for this: first of all, it's a way of earning money to support my studies. In addition, it allows me to acquire professional experience in order to have a foot in a company and to confront theory with practice, and to acquire new skills. Read more

Ellioh, Master 2 and apprentice at Avignon University (2009)

More testimonies on the website of the work-study training: http://alternance-informatique.univ-avignon.fr/fr/Temoignages

Date of update July 8, 2021