Becoming a CERI partner means recruiting future employees...

Since its creation, CERI has built up a solid network of companies, mixing local SMEs with large national (and even international) groups. This network ensures that 100% of its students are placed in students in internships but also an increasing number of apprenticeship and professionalization contracts in relation to the work-study Master's degree. Through this same network, CERI receives various job offers each year even before its students graduate.

These partnerships with companies are essential to maintain the quality of our training and provide companies with optimal recruitment.

Moreover, these partnerships are accentuated by the presence of the Computer Science Laboratory of Avignon (LIA) whose research themes are of great interest to small and large companies, dedicated to Research and Development (R&D).

So, if you are a company and wish to become a partner of the CERI, contact us...

Teachers and lecturers from industry

CERI's staff includes part-time associate professors (PAST) who are involved in the pedagogical teams and teaching. These professors are, in the case of CERI, all professionals from industry, employees or managers of companies specialized in computer engineering.

In parallel, many courses are taught by speakers from various companies, in order to reflect real-life practices as closely as possible. A cycle of conferences is also offered in the curriculum, in which many regional and national actors take part, thus preparing the students' entry into the working world.

Date of update July 9, 2021