Work-Study Training

Training developed with the help of companies for companies...

CERI offers professionalizing training in computer science in permanent relation with the companies, and this at various levels.

Pedagogical and professional development councils

The CERI has a pedagogical council and a council of improvement which ensure the pedagogical follow-up of the training. These boards are made up of teachers and teacher-researchers involved in the training, but also industrialists. The latter, from companies in the field of digital and computer engineering services (SS2I) or large groups located in the region, are the guarantors of the needs of companies and their adequacy with the training provided at CERI.

The development councils meet every quarter and plan the future direction of the training. The industrialists also help to maintain the link between the training and the regional industrial fabric.

Teachers and lecturers from industry

The CERI has 3 part-time associate professors (PAST) who are involved in the teaching teams and the courses. These professors are, in the case of CERI, all professionals from industry, employees or managers of companies specialized in computer engineering.

In parallel, many courses, especially in the Master's program, are taught by speakers from various companies, in order to reflect real-life practices. A cycle of conferences is also offered in the curriculum, in which many regional and national actors take part, thus preparing the students' entry into the working world.

Relations with companies

Since its creation in 1991 (formerly IUP GMI), the CERI has maintained very special relations with companies. These relationships have enabled it to maintain a rich and diverse network of contacts, spread over the regional and national level. This network allows us to provide regular and accurate information to our clients, in the IT sector (ESN, SME...) but also in any other sector in need of IT skills (telecoms, banking, tourism, leisure, ...). This network allows us to provide regular and recurrent offers of internships and jobs for our students, but also professionalization and apprenticeship contracts for students enrolled in the 3rd year of the licence's degree or during the two years of the master's degree in alternation.

Internships and work experience in companies

The presence of internships in the curriculum offered by the CERI allows us to forge strong links with companies on a regional and national level. Many companies take part in the internship defense days, which are a special opportunity for CERI to bring the teaching staff and the internship supervisors closer together and thus enrich its relations with industry.

Since 2008, work-study training has been offered in the first and second years of the Master's programme, proving once again how beneficial it is to combine professional and traditional teaching. Many students have seized this opportunity to experience "the field" as soon as possible.

Date of update July 8, 2021