Internships in companies

Internships: an essential part of training...

Students have the opportunity to do internships in companies or in a research laboratory throughout their studies.

Short-term internships

In the Licence's programme, internships, which tend to be of short duration (15 days to 1 month), are either optional (carried out as part of an Open Teaching Unit and possible each semester from the 1st to the 3rd year) or compulsory (3rd year internship). Under agreement, their purpose is to discover the company and its functioning.

Long-term internships

In Master 2nd year, a 6-month internship in a company or in a research laboratory is mandatory. Students are also encouraged to do their internship abroad. Generally from January to July, this internship aims to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the training and to integrate into a professional or research team.

The internship is validated by a defense before a jury of teachers and professionals.
An internship management and administration service (see Contacts) provides support to students in their administrative procedures and provides them with a directory of the CERI's partner network.

Students can also benefit from the support of the House of International Affairs of Avignon University for internships abroad.

Date of update July 9, 2021