Theoretical AND practical teaching...

Throughout their training, students are required to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during tutorials, practical work and projects. You will find below some examples of projects and work done by our students.

The French Robotics Cup

Each year, a group of 3rd year Licence's degree is selected to participate in the French Robotics Cup (former E=M6 cup). The participation to this cup requires the analysis of the rules fixed each year by the organization committee of the cup, the conception and the realization of the robot spread out over the two semesters, and finally the presentation of the robot to the competitions which are held in May in La Ferté-Bernard (Sarthe).

Licence's degree projects

From the 2nd year, students have to realize 1 project per semester allowing them to use the knowledge acquired during the different teaching units. These projects deal with specific aspects such as the logical structure of computers, programming and algorithms, or network protocols.

Master's degree projects

As part of their training, Master's students (except for work-study students) must carry out a group project spread over the two semesters of the first year. The topics covered by each project are very varied and can touch on the areas of networks and telecoms, application/web development, the study of new platforms or applications, etc. In addition to understanding and mastering specific technical aspects, these projects are intended to put into practice the project management methodologies: including, for example, task management and planning, human resources management, handling the complete life cycle of a product, writing documentation, etc.

Date of update July 9, 2021