High-level computer science training in the PACA region and a state-of-the-art research laboratory...

The Center for Teaching and Research in Computer Science (CERI) gathers in the same building and under a common structure all the training courses in Computer Science of Avignon University (Licence, Master, PhD) and the Computer Science Laboratory of Avignon (LIA). A virtual visit of the CERI premises is available at the following address:

A privileged working environment...

The Centre for Education and Research in Computer Science (CERI) has its own premises. It hosts, on the one hand, all the training courses in computer science (Licence, Master, PhD) and, on the other hand, the Computer Science Laboratory of Avignon (LIA). This proximity allows the teachers-researchers of the LIA involved in each of the courses to be in permanent contact with their students, ensuring them a optimal supervision.

The CERI is located on a privileged site, the Agroparc site, on the Jean-Henri Fabre campus, 10 minutes from Avignon and 10 minutes from the A7 motorway (connecting Marseille and Valence in 1 hour).

The Agroparc site, in full expansion, hosts more than 180 companies (including McCormick, Lafarge, GSE, SGCIO/St Gobain, Naturex, ...), 11 training institutes (including the UFR-ip Sciences, Technologies, Health of Avignon University to which the CERI belongs) and 6 research centres (including the LIA). It allows students to have on site a university restaurant, various student residences for accommodation (CROUS and private), a bus service to the city centre every 15 minutes, and various shops and restaurants. shops (restaurants, bakeries, banks, post office, pharmacy, etc.).

CERI is certified ISO 9001 for its Licence's and Master's degree courses and for the follow-up of PhD students.

The governance of CERI governance is based on the following 3 boards:

  • the Conseil de Perfectionnement / Improvement Council (twice a year), which aims to monitor the discipline and the professions, and the students' studies and professional integration,
  • the Pedagogical Council (3 times a year) which deals with the life of the courses offered at the CERI,
  • the Scientific Council (1 per month) which governs the organization of the CERI Research Laboratory (LIA) and its activities.

Date of update July 8, 2021