A professional training in the PACA region, oriented towards "Companies", "International" and "Professions"...

The Center for Teaching and Research in Computer Science (CERI) of Avignon University (PACA), offers high level university training - Licence (Bac+3), Master (Bac+5), PhD (Bac+8) in computer science - combined with a professional education adapted to the culture of companies.

"Companies" oriented training

  • Curriculum developed with companies for companies
  • Training in alternating (Licence 3e year and Master)
  • Interventions by professionals as part of the teaching process
  • Internships voluntary (Licence 1era and 2e year, Master 1year year) and mandatory (Licence 3e year and Master 2e year)

"International" oriented training

Training oriented towards "Jobs and Careers"

  • Bac+3: Network and/or database administrator, Information systems architect, Application developer, Website designer, Operations analyst, User assistant, Referencing manager, Research engineer (public service), ...
  • Bac+5: Project Manager, Consultants, Network Deployment Engineer, Security Engineer, IT Asset Manager, Network and/or Database Administrator, Telecom Software Architect, Information Systems Architect, ...
  • Bac+8: Research Engineer (public service), Researcher or Teacher-Researcher (public service), Research and Development Engineer...

Date of update July 8, 2021