University staff

Digital identity

Procedure for temporary teaching staff (lecturers) from outside Avignon University

In a general framework

If the temporary teacher wishes to have a digital identity, they must stipulate this in their recruitment file (a box to be ticked is provided for this purpose). This recruitment file must be submitted, at the latest one month before the beginning of the interventions, to the pedagogical secretaries of the concerned component.

In the case of a first application, the teacher must have signed the charter of the Avignon University for the good use of computers and networks and attach it to his recruitment file. Once the administrative admissibility of the file is established by the Human Resources Department the recruitment order will be edited and the digital identity will be created.

In urgent situations
Digital identities can be created within the components, contact the pedagogical secretary of the component concerned by your teaching.

In all cases
The teacher will be notified of the creation of his or her digital identity, and a document indicating the username and password, the e-mail address and the web address of the ENT will be given to him or her by the person in charge of digital identities in his or her component.

Staff concerned:
  • Temporary staff
  • Trainees
  • Administrative
  • Teachers
  • Researcher
Documents to be provided:
  • digital identity application**
  • dated and signed computer charter
  • copy of the identity card
  • copy of the agreement

Union representatives at the University

Name of the organization
Name of delegate(s)
CGT UAPV (FERC-Sup CGT) Daniel Sudreau
Véronique Castell, treasurer
FNEC FP FO Philippe Adrian
SNASUB-FSU Hugues Soumille
SNPTES Ludovic Bernard
Emmanuel Petitcolas
SGEN-CFDT Philippe Gabriel
SNESUP-FSU Philippe Bachimon
Marianne Beauviche, Treasurer
SUP Autonome-FO Guillaume Champy
UNSA Education Alain Bastrios
Carine Grandouiller

Date of update June 22, 2021